the thing about denim's changing! i for one am very happy. don't get me wrong, i love a skinny jean and a low waist skinny is so flattering. however, after so many years of the similar cuts i am happy to see denim designers experimenting and pushing limits. NOW, i know some of what is out there is extreme, expensive and unflattering. however, don't give up, just take your time and TRY a ton on. there are so many cool styles out there. it's just a matter of getting used to them. remember how scared you were to buy the frankie b low waist (3" rise!) skinny's? but, then you couldn't live without them. well, remember that when trying these new looks.
here is a preview of some of the new styles i'm getting at souchi. we're excited and hope you are too. the fun: frays, distressed, levis fit, high waist, skinnies, mid waist straight legs, crop skinnies, embroidered, stitched, bleached, patched..... the point: you have a million choices!
clockwise from top left:
closed denim startlet 
3x1 channel seam skinny
closed skinny pusher
3x1 high waist straight leg crop
3x1 slim crop high waist tom boy (coming soon)
3x1 high waist sally straight leg 
closed skinny pusher (coming soon)
3x1 higher ground boyfriend crop