cashmere for date night....

who doesn't love a girl in faded denim and cashmere?
i am a fan because i think nothing is sexier than being sexy without trying...
a little skin and soft to the touch denim and super soft cashmere...
perfectly sexy
perfectly pretty
perfectly easy
i never like the saying 'business in the front party in the back'
however, i do love the back and feel it's a sexy part of a woman's body.
i tend to design a lot of sweaters that are seemingly classic in the front and then a lil something that surprises. mostly, because i tend to go out straight from work so i need my clothes to work for me day to night.
the emerson u back cashmere tank does that...
throw on some playful necklaces (best if one that can fall to the back) and you are ready to go....
easy and sexy...wait those shouldn't go together
easy and cool

a souchi must MUST

so here's the thing:
some things are just great with everything: salt, t-shirt, hoop earrings, cocktail ring, jeans...
well, the new addition to that list is the souchi fringe poncho. clearly, i'm bias and lacking some modesty here....BUT it's a proven fashion fact .
i love wearing it around the house to keep me warm while knitting...
in the mornings when checking instagram and cnn (yes, both are very informative! shout out to carol costello)
when really so annoyed by another trump tweet that i have to just scream
when i don't like any of my jackets or cardi's over a simple tank dress... it gives a relaxed yet sophisticated look....who doesn't want a lil boho vibe
when i want to show the new arm jewelry i am wearing.... a lil skin is always good
hook cuff & omega
when i am trying to decide to go out or stay in...bag on table and ready... but taxi driver is on and i'm still agitated about january 20.
what the hell.....go out...i'm dressed, have a cool necklace, cozy and ready for a cocktail.
see the fringe poncho gets you thru your day.
now what color......

the ULTIMATE'sweater'.....

whatever you call's your ultimate go to piece...
spring, summer, fall, winter....
doesn't matter.
call it a top, sweater or tee we don't care....just call it sexy.
the enza costa cashmere cuffed tops are perfection. they come in crew, v-neck and turtleneck. the rib lower half of the sleeve has a thumbhole for cool factor.
we love how thin (yet warm) the fabric is 85% cotton 15% cashmere
so you can tuck it in or wear long with leggings.
did we mention you can wash it and dry it and nothing happens? it's the perfect staple to anyones wardrobe. 
so what are you waiting for..... shop now or add another to your collection.
i have a drawer full and, yet, i still grab each color that comes out.
these are on constant rotation.
don't get me started on the dresses and tanks in the same fabric.....that's for another time...
meanwhile, check out all of enza costa's collection....all of it gets worn over and over  and over.... promise.
January 04, 2017


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oversized cashmere sweater........true love

alexa oversized faux wrap sweater is the perfect cozy.  6 plys of cashmere heaven. love it above with charcoal leather leggings.
or with leg warmers and a good book. 
really long sleeves and the souchi rib detail. 
throw a pair of cool earrings and you're ready to go out......
LOVE this sweater.
even considering wearing it with tights as a mini dress. 
January 01, 2017


new years day style........

after a long night out saying goodbye to the year with friends, family and loves it's time to relax.
i say, sleep in, breakfast in bed then a day on the couch with movies and home baked cookies.
wearing your pajama shirt, cashmere bandeau and cashmere boy shorts. if you've got bad hair....late night....through on a cashmere head scarf.
have fun
here's to an amazing 2017
December 31, 2016


new years eve ideas.........

loving the ease of this gorgeous giada forte dress. loose shimmer fabric with extra long sleeves and a sexy snug wool jersey slip for underneath. pefect combo. 
December 08, 2016


holiday wish list......2016

yet again, i find myself wondering how another year has gone by. the elections seem to have offered two vastly different views. no matter where you stand i think it's important to acknowledge the vast differences and individually work towards creating the world we want to live in. instead of focusing on the divides lets figure out some similarities and start from there. after all it is one world and we all have to share it.

so in a ridiculously silly way i am starting with the fact that we ALL enjoy receiving gifts and hopefully we all enjoying giving them too. so here's my holiday 2016 wish list of luxe and attainable gifts for the holiday season.

may you all be safe, happy, dedicated to a cause & open something amazing this holiday season.

happy holidays



* all items listed below with links from top left and straight across

1) alex sepkus orchard ring from elliott yeary gallery in aspen. 18k gold with 10 sapphires, 10 white diamonds and an aquamarine.....LOVE

2) south parade 'skinny vodka latte' tank at souchi aspen. perfect for new years day!

3) giada forte black fedora at souchi aspen. obsessed

4) tom ford black orchid a custom lalique bottle, the designer, the scent....perfection

5) gorgeous cocktail dress from self portrait.... ok, i thought for new years but then had to wear in san miguel de allende for my mans birthday. it's too perfect.

6) sarah graham aspen stick layered earrings. a collection inspired by the aspen tree branches...well i should have right? 18k yellow gold, oxidized cobalt chrome and diamonds. love. 

7) beautiful cards from garance dore. i am obsessed with her illustrations and love to stock up on assortments of these. 

8) cindy kirk hand made leather bag....coming december 10th to souchi aspen and 

9) wanderlust + co omega bar bangle at souchi aspen

10) souchi variegated fringe poncho: you pick 10 colors and we'll make it. amazing

11) chanel boyfriend watch in steel with black aligator strap. masculine yet feminine. 

12) beautiful vase from the line in nyc by artist lex pott. i am in love with the blush pink & copper combo

13) gold bevi bootie from rachel comey at souchi aspen 

14) moleskin journals are my go to for writing, sketching, thoughts, doodles....

15) souchi kc hand stitched maxi vest....10 plys of heaven

16) krewe L.G.D. bengal sunnies .... love the blue lenses

17) book of longing by leonard cohen....perfection

18) quite possibly my biggest addiction..... cookies and cups.....

19) pat mcgrath cosmetics.... i am having a metallic moment....this is the best

20) the best teddy bear coat from closed and it's reversible to a beautiful ombre suede! 

21) karen london indigo wrap necklace is perfect with everything tied long or short

22) buddy lee green hornet jump rope..... my healthy addiction

23) i want helena christensen's haircut and color.... AMAZING

24) after eating my way thru san miguel de allende i want to live on tacos

25) i love me some statement holiday shoes and have the best!


may you all give and receive something amazing this holiday season

happy holidays









belt it...............

I love WHEN one item can transform a look.
the belt makes this look. add to that the clever way she tied it over one half of the bomber. i have never really been someone to wear belts but i love them on others and i love buying them for the store.
so i decided to find some inspiration on cool belts that change and elevate a look. 
a rope belt adds a casual feel to an all black look.
a skinny double wrap belt turns a pretty lace dress and blazer into a cool look
a wider belt sitting on the waist add the perfect balance between retro and modern.
here are some of our fave belts available on
lizzie fortunato rope belt
de palma mon senor 
de palma strade wrap belt
enjoy and experiment with something new.

.......making your clothes work hard for you.............

now that's a philosophy i can get behind.....
i was reading the 'art of style' section of porter magazine and loved the story on jane birkin 'the woman behind the season' and felt a kinship.
yes, everyone who loves fashion most likely has been inspired by this iconic french woman. i always found it interesting that the 'birkin bag' was so structured and classic while the woman it was named after was irreverent and not classic. however, i guess her style has become classic to hip girls everywhere.
denim, tees, cool shoes, mini's and great accessories.
but, what i loved & connected to most was what she said...
'there's no fun in a bag if it's not kicked around...'
i have always felt that way about 'things'. no matter how much i love something, covet it, or save to own it....once i have's mine. and, it is no longer precious. i want to live in the things i buy...i want them to go along with me on my journey. i don't care if they get scratched, scarred or beat's part of the journey.

i remember when i first went overseas my mom bought me a leather backpack. i was obsessed and wanted one so badly. after about 2 hours of sitting at LAX my friend spilled her coke all over my new bag. there was that split second of 'OMG' but then i thought this is the first of many stories this backpack will tell... i couldn't wait for it to be 50 years old. it's almost 29 now....

i love this straw basket purse that she continually used. can you imagine where this basket traveled?

i loved that most think of a straw basket as a summer bag.... not jane...

it was season-less and i love that!

straw with fur and a bakery box....well how does one pull that off? confidence and loving the piece so much you can't NOT wear it. love that even more.


the lesson:

wear your 'things' and let them live & travel with you....we all have many stories to tell





.......the business of me.........

ok, so i read this interview in porter magazine with elle macpherson and enjoyed the questions so much that i thought i'd interview myself for you..... 


wake up time? 6:45am. i love the early start to the day and getting outside for playtime with jack before working out. plus, the smell of the mountains early is perfect.

morning routine? 20 minutes in bed to talk to my man, check emails and upload an instagram. play with jack & then work out for an hour. breakfast is 99% of the time oatmeal with berries & chia seeds, a homemade smoothie & half an english muffin with almond butter. then feed jack & bodhi & run to shower because i am now always running late now that i take the time for this routine...ritual?

working day? high season i am in the store 10-6 monday - saturday so that is working with customers, photos of new merchandise and then uploading to web & social media, working on blog, researching new designers & collections, answering many, MANY emails and texts and avoiding the phone. i am a fan of email. in the off season i am only open wednesday thru friday so that i can knit the other days to start making my inventory for high season. on these 'knitting days' i start at 10am and generally finish at 11pm....yes, it's crazy. but i do take my time in the morning for a hike or run and get outside for a few minutes every hour. plus, i get to indulge in an actual lunch break which doesn't happen while working in the store. 

one activity you do every day without fail? put on lipstick.......



your most overused phrase? .......coolio or hot stuff......

how do you stay in shape? my new life changing addiction is jumping rope. i do it at least 30 minutes everyday but generally 45. i recently started weight lifting to build some muscle as i get older...nobody wants a bony butt! i also love hiking and trail runs.

how do you unwind? getting outdoors with jack will cure any mood. weekends it's a hot tub with a glass of wine or cocktail with my man while just 'being' in the backyard looking at the beauty around us. it really is a magical backyard.

on your desk?, i envision it with some cool mugs with colored pencils in one, pens in the other. a stack of read magazines that i have already put post-it's on for inspiration.....this has yet to happen. usually, piled with post it's of messy sketches of sweater ideas, stacks of unread magazines & art books i had to have..... one day.

guilty pleasures? homemade oatmeal spice cookies....i am addicted to a recipe and make them every week. it really is a problem.... and warm bread with butter & salt........ahhhhh

computer screensaver? sunset over the caldera in santorini...perfect.

how do you cure creative block? get outdoors and go on a hike/run to clear my head. then hit the computer and research something other than fashion to stimulate the brain.... interior design, painters, ceramics, music.... anything that gets me thinking about anything else but what i am blocked on.



strengths? i consider myself a driven, hard working, risk taking woman without an ego. ups and downs happen all the business is me but it's not about me.

weaknesses? take on more than time allows for sure. and, personally, i can over analyze with the best of them...

what advice would you giver your 20 year old self? to accept and appreciate your body as it is only going to get lower! i think women are so hard on themselves and it starts at such a young age. truly ridiculous! at 15, 20, 25, 30 (you get the point) i thought i was fat. insane! i think at 40 i realized i need to just shut up and enjoy what my body could do. shift the perspective and you realize how amazing it is. then the fog clears and you realize you're not fat. it's sad and funny. i still hear the beat down every day in the store with women who have beautiful bodies. we need to stop. 

fictional figure you most identify with? i have never thought of this so at the top of my head i'd say pippi longstocking. she was a strong, fearless kid, a bit scrappy, who always figured things out. a bit wacky on style and the red hair and freckles was totally me. loved pippi...

favorite quote? can't remember the book i read it in but, 'i'd rather a life full of mistakes than a life of regrets'. i have often considered this as a tattoo but haven't done it...yet?

what can women learn from men? to say what you mean in as few words as possible. 

what can men learn from women? that sometimes, more words are necessary. and, to choose those words carefully as we will analyze them :)

personal motto? be nice and life will bring you good people and a lot of happiness.

real life figure you most identify with? again, i have never thought about this. oddly, the first person i thought of was diane keaton. she's a success in her field, strong, smart, funny, has a look/style that is consistently her, witty and never been married. but, i don't wear gloves and rarely a turtleneck....

people are surprised that i.... am only 5'2

one thing you would change about your profession? i would make it a criminal offense punishable by a year of working in retail if you walk into a store & decide to purchase something and then ask for a discount or my favorite 'is this the best you can do?'. it's not nice and it's tacky.




what was your dream job as a kid and why? flight attendant. i thought it was amazing that you could fly for free anywhere in the world. second, was to be a writer and travel the world living in random places writing stories. i still hope for option 2.

who is your greatest mentor? personally, my grandmother. she was unbelievably kind and generous with a gentle, patient heart. never did i hear her say something negative about someone. and, she was always optimistic and happy. business mentor would be my driven and a problem solver who has the best disposition for calming situations.

what one meeting changed your life? the day i walked down the street for basalt's block party and was introduced to david...... my life is still changing everyday....

biggest risk that has paid off? on a whim i packed up and moved to colorado. it was suppose to be a 6 month escape. but 3 weeks in i knew i was staying. i didn't know anyone and i had only been in aspen once for 24 hours. the BEST decision ever.

proudest moment? ....a tie..... getting a call from nina garcia's office when she was at ELLE saying she'd like to see my spring '99 collection. she was incredible and then put 2 of my pieces in ELLE as 'one to watch'. still can't believe that. the other, getting a call from vogue magazine in the summer of '99 saying they were doing a story on san francisco designers and i was chosen to be featured in the magazine. a stylist and writer would be out the following week.... that article was featured in the september issue 1999. BOTH, still bring a smile to my face....

hardest piece of criticism you've received? i'm not sure this was the 'hardest' but it most certainly was the hardest to take. 'well, you were just lucky....' no, i wasn't lucky.... yes, amazing things have happened but i worked hard for everything and have taken lots of risks and given things up to make them happen. luck doesn't have anything to do with it. luck is winning the lottery. 






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