Happy New Year

Happy New Year!
Here's hoping you had fun with family and friends last night and are enjoying a cozy day at home. And, what better to laze around the house than in souchi's cashmere.
I like to spend the first day of the new year writing about the last year. Thinking about the wins, losses and what really made me smile. And, with that how can i have more smiles in the next year. 2023 was quite challenging and ended with an incredible loss that has made me re-think the idea or concept of life/work balance. I'm going to miss my friend so much. She was too young and I thought we had so much more time to make more memories. So, i'm going to figure out how to create the life I need and want. I think that will bring on more smiles and creativity so buckle up. 
Our Julianna cashmere briefs are one of those pieces I am most asked about (where does one where these?) or get the most comments ('hahaha if only'). But, truthfully they are a must have. Cozy, comfy and the perfect loungewear. At home i'll style them with an oversize sweater (here the Sharon) and cashmere socks or leg warmers. For the gorgeous Annemaria I added the Tricia head scarf in cashmere. Absolutely Stunning. 

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