hand embroidery announcement! gift something sweet and unique for valentines day. for a limited time we're offering complimentary custom hand embroidery by suzi on 3 of our favorite souchi sweaters. add your loved ones nickname, favorite artist, place, any symbolic word really to the sweater for thoughtful present.

    details on how to order below: 

    1. select your souchi sweater: choose any of the betty's any of the sharon's any of the charleston's.

    2. color of yarn for embroidery

    3. emoji, word or symbol - 8 letter maximum or 1 emoji or 1 symbol (like the baseball as seen in this video). 

    4. specify placement on front or back of sweater

    5. purchase the sweater of your choice online and then email with custom request for embroidery.

    order deadline is 1/25 to receive by 2/14.

    all sales final.

    last minute orders will require a rush fee and express delivery. 

    please note if you have a special request for artwork that requires more detail than the above mentioned, there will be an extra charge. 

    custom hand embroidery cannot be applied to souchi sweaters you already own.