yasmeen crop sweater over a slip dress.....

the same yasmeen crop sweater but this time over a silk slip dress. i think most women my age hear crop sweater and say no. no matter how insane their bodies are. yes, i live in aspen and it is continually an inspiration on being fit. the mountains, blue skies and fresh air call to you to get outside and move around. so, i am constantly in awe of the great shape women are in here....not just the young ladies but 60's, 70's, 80's...i LOVE IT! but, still a crop sweater after a certain age is better when layered. sorry, i said it, and i meant it. 
here i started with an enza long sleeve crew with a slip dress over it and the yasmeen crop sweater over that. because it was raining and later snowing i added an ethically produced hand knit fur jacket and my patent leather carrier boots from rachel comey that are from about 4 years ago. the color is so incredible i know i will have for years. speaking of color, check out this hand dyed slip dress. the dye is from fruits, flowers and tree bark dyed using organic silk - stunning! i am now collecting them.
add a grey fedora to try and tame the hair.
a tee and crop sweater are the perfect teammates to a slip dress. and this green fur is a beautiful neutral....we have a similar one left on sale that you should grab that has a stripe on the sleeve. 
toss your coat on and you're ready.
a casual option for this jacket is:
if you need something warmer than a silk slip dress try the souchi cashmere marcella tank dress and the velvet danelo boot (now sold out) but you can do the zaha instead and it's on sale.

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