wide leg cords and our escondido hoodie........

i LOVE neutrals with something bold. todays example is the escondido hoodie and the bishop pant in acid yellow corduroy.
i often hear 'what will i wear them with' when showing a customer something fun, wacky or cool. i've always been a shopper who gravitates towards those items. if i'm going to spend my money i want it to be something cool. something that can easily change my mood. and basic doesn't tend to do that. so, when i saw these cords i had to have them. i've worn them a lot and i really liked them with the escondido sweater. a cotton cashmere hoodie with 3/4 sleeves. yes, i have a beanie and a hoodie on. a really, really bad hair day.
the shoes are ann dememulemeester from several years ago. i love them so much i wish i bought them in another color. they work with everything because of the nude color. they are big, tall and heavy but the color keeps them neutral and perfect when i don't have 'a shoe'. the details of the escondido hoodie are fun. the kangaroo pocket with stripes and contrast drawstring at neck. love.

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