What Suzi's Wearing

I love layering. I love stripes. I love cashmere.
Here's the thing i most often hear about knit dresses or skirts: 'I don't have the figure to wear that'. First of all, what does that mean? Knits are stretchy and comfortable and fit all sizes and shapes. The most important thing to do when purchasing a knit skirt or dress is to not buy it too small. You don't want it to be tight. Instead you want it to skim the body. The Gabrielle skirt is a blend of cashmere and linen which makes it light weight and semi sheer. I am wearing the medium but can fit the petite or small. If I was to purchase this i would order the small because this blend gives with wear and you don't want it too baggy. The Calvin tank has a sccop neck and hand crotchet at neckline to finish the edges.
The Loose Renee Sweater has a drawstring at hem allowing you to wear it low or cinched and shorter. The ribbing at the hem of the skirt is a lovely detail but it also allows for more stretch & movement while walking. Our souchi Variegated Fringe Scarf is a great addition to add more color and texture. 
*these boots are from Nina Ricci about 10+ years ago and i hope they never die. 
Do not be afraid to try knits head to toe. It's a beautiful look and nothing is more comfortable.

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