What Suzi's wearing

I am happy to be back in the land of sweater weather, aka the Pacific North West. 
Cashmere, tights, boots, knit hats and dresses. It's a wardrobe built on layers. One of my favorite mini dresses is from Gilner Farrar. It is the Raquel dress. I now have 3 of them. It's flattering, fun and easy to style. And, souchi's Long Lake Cardi works with all my dresses.  
I love the mix of something chunky with something sheer. The chiffon on the Raquel dress is pretty while the rest of it is lined. The cashmere tweed is stunning. 
The Long Lake Cardi is 6 ply cashmere form Scotland that is durable, soft, cozy and cool. This one is mine and is 4 years old. It's survived me, Jack, Ruby, Aspen and Charleston. Love souchi cashmere! Yes, it's an investment but one that pays off. How old is your oldest souchi?

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