wacky but amazing color story.....

sometimes you just have to play with color. think of a color story and just run with it. if you stick to a color and then pick within that range it WILL work.
here i started with these magenta annex pants and then....
layer in a grape silk & cotton shirt under a souchi lorraine fire melange cashmere and linen semi crop sweater.
a nude acrylic dismount statement earring to tie in the peaches and cream skin with the fire melange sweater. and, these rachel comey fall/winter velvet strappy frisky heels need some coverage for our aspen winter....so just add socks. we love the bright cherry color against the pink & magenta. we have some great fishnet socks in cherry in the aspen store.
the tricia headscarf in currant is perfect. 
and, a lil sass can pull everything together.
this color story came from a picture of a bundt cake! yep, i figured if it looked so pretty in food why not with clothes
now go have fun with color!

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