velvet pants....two looks.....

these super cute velvet crinkle joggers arrived in late sticky fingers wanted them the second they came out of the box. however, my business mind always prevails.....for a while. so late november sticky fingers won out. they are so beautiful and so comfy. they work with so many different things. so here's two of the ways that i've worn them.
a lil professor vibe with fitted plaid corduroy vest, giada forte silk/cotton sheer shirt and the souchi mary kate sweater. this sweater has been a favorite of mine for many, many years. i made this one specifically for this vest. these boots were a splurge about 5 years ago and they continue to be on heavy rotation....when not at the shoe repair because the aspen streets and weather is not good for your shoes.
add a fedora, a cozy nook and ready for a glass of wine with friends. 
it's snowing and freezing and they still look great. so, add winter white layers and a reversible shearling (this one is from 2 years ago) and the velvet joggers are just as amazing as they were in the fall.
teddy bear coat love that keeps you so warm. add, a cashmere bobble beret, a bottega wrap, wilkins cashmere sweater and a long sleeve enza tee.
same shoes as i told you they are always a go too!
now, i'm looking forward to summer with them....ooooh these heels and HOPEFULLy this jacket....

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