velvet floral...hints of vintage

in the's almost time and i can't wait!
it's still sunny, air is crisp so light layers but you're ready for change, texture and rich luxurious fabrics.
here, some souchi favorites:
add, a luxe vintage feel brocade bag with miles or tassels.
we love touches of gold so....the crackle mule was perfect with crop denim. these are sold out but these and these are great too. 
velvet....yes, you may have thought you were over it after so much of it last year. but, the thing about velvet is it's always cool and always luxurious. however, you MUST buy high quality velvet....otherwise, it goes cheap real fast.
this blazer from giada forte is stunning. and, it broke my heart that they all sold out before i could steal one. absolutely love it.
more bling and you're set. i love these butik beads from africa. so simple but so cool.
to make this look last thru the fall and into winter, we suggest:
trade out the mule for a this boot
switch the tank for a blouse with a layer under it
add a beanie

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