the top to end all tops.....ok, momentarily, but still!

sometimes a top comes into your world and you have to have it. i think this is one of the most beautiful tops i've seen in a long time. the simplicity of black and white but the glam of shimmering tulle. it's wonderful. i love the way the tulle is kinda haphazard and messy because it keeps this from looking like 80's dynasty. it's simply beautiful.
when wearing a top like this i think simple hair - again a lil messy pony to downplay the dressed up top. i wanted cool accessories that wouldn't take away from the top but instead add to it. so, i chose glass. it will reflect the light and shimmer from the tulle and is beautiful with the backdrop of skin. these globe earrings in a murky taupe are stunning (available at souchi aspen). the glass ring in pink adds a girly, but cool vibe.
love love love this look. pull more tulle up to create drama around the collarbone or pull down and show a bit more skin. either way, gorgeous.
i am having a love affair with the mary kate cardigan and you know this if you seen the last few posts. simply love it. and, it's unexpected over this top. keep it long and lean with these heavy silk drawstring pants. the fabric on these are what makes the drape and fit incredible.
legs for days in these beauties. keep the look sophisticated and cool but not prissy or dated. love.

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