Who doesn't want to be wrapped in cashmere?

As my dear friend Corey recently told me, "Everyone wants to be wrapped up in cashmere." I wholeheartedly agree. No other material feels as wonderful on the body as cashmere. It's my favorite yarn to work with. 
My latest design is the Stretch Pullover Sweater. If you've known souchi or me you know I love long sleeves. And, this sweater exaggerates that love even more. To keep it wearable and practical I added a contrast drawstring that can be cinched and tied at a shorter length. The wide neck allows you to wear it on or off the shoulder. The body has princess seams and a ribbed cropped hem. I love this sweater. It's cozy, comfy and so easy to wrap up in. 
Be sure to ask or research where the cashmere is from when you purchase a sweater. There are so many mills offering lesser quality cashmere which is giving it a bad wrap. Suddenly more people allergic to cashmere and wool. I believe it's because cashmere yarn is very expensive and has been on the rise for over 20 years. This had created a need for lower priced cashmere for designers and factories to use. I purchase my cashmere Loro Piana & Todd & Duncan which is why my sweaters are built to last. These mills use the finest fibers, dyes & practices available in the world. Don't assume that a high price tag means high quality yarn is being used. Here's to years and years of being wrapped up in souchi.

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