the occasion is.....that you own it!

hi. i’m that souchi dress you bought a year ago.


i’ve been patiently waiting in your closet ever since. every time you swing the closet door open with your hair wrapped in a towel and a cup of coffee in your hand, i hold my breath and wait. and wait.


i see you text your love and tell them that you’re running late. i see you pawing through the same clothes that you always wear. i watch you try them on, change, sigh, try them on again, and, after growling at the mirror, strip, throw them on the floor, and sulk out.


i see you. but you don’t see me. i would shake my head at you…but i don’t have a head. i’m....just....a dress.


just a dress that you saw that made you stop in your tracks. 


i remember when you first laid eyes on me and touched my lovely fabric. you gently took me off the rack and walked up to the mirror, tentatively. held me up and immediately your eyes widened. you saw all of the fun we would have together. i saw it too.


i saw the dinner parties that we would host, the look that would be on your love's face when they saw us for the first time, and the compliments that your girlfriends would give us at lunch. i saw us being a team.


i was a little insulted when you handed me back and said, “i have to think about it.”


i tried not to take it personally. i accepted it.


however, i wasn’t surprised when i saw you come through the door a few hours later. i knew you’d come back. as suzi rang me up a few hours later and wrapped me in tissue and put me in a bag, i saw our future together. and, i was excited.


you hung me up in your closet so lovingly. put me on one of those fancy hangers and gazed at me for a few moments before shutting the door. i waited. and waited.


we almost went out for tapas that one night, but then you wore jeans instead. we almost went on a weekend in palm springs, but then you left with your weekender bag...(filled with jeans) and never said goodbye. i forgive you. but, i love palm springs too.


i overheard you on the phone with suzi. she was telling you about some new dress that had come in. i heard you mention me...


“i still haven't worn the dress i got last time. yes, i love it. it's so pretty that i am waiting for an occasion to wear it.' 


i overheard her say, “um, the occasion is that you own it!”


i saw you nod. i always liked her. she took good care of me in the store. my vote is that we wear your turquoise suede heels with the tassels and go get us a cocktail. it’s our first night out together, after all.  


with love,

from the amazing piece sitting in your closet


next time you think you need an 'occasion' think of these two fashion ladies. i am in awe of their style and LOVE that their occasion is it's in my closet! ladies, wear your clothes because they are meant to be enjoyed. 


top row: the incredible jane aldridge from sea of shoes

bottom row: the amazing giovanna englebert w magazine fashion editor

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