The new baggy straight leg jean

The new straight long legged jean is here to stay.
I am only 5'3 so a long legged straight leg jean has never been my first choice. However, when these Idaho jeans from Jeanerica arrived I fell in love with them. Of course, tall Ruthie had tried them on and everything looks better on 5'8 legs. But, I was determined to make them work. This pair is the 26 and I love them being relaxed fit. Aren't we TIRED of wearing tight jeans? Truly it's boring and completely ridiculous. The one thing I did do is cut off 2" at the hem. I still want them to be long but i don't want to have to wear 5" heels with them. 
I styled them with souchi's Betty cashmere vest, lace bodysuit, Massimo leather belt & souchi Bobble Beret. Baggy, mid waist and relaxed looks great with a bodysuit.
When I first made the Betty vest I loved it super oversized so this one is a medium on me. When i want to wear it more fitted I knot the back. 
Here's a few more looks for black jeans. The lesson here is if anything size up. And, keep them on the longer side. Even your 'cropped' jeans should be on the longer side these days. 

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