texture, fringe, velvet & denim....hello fall

all the things that make me fall in love with fall:
yes, when you get to mix all of these and in one cool, casual look....well it must be fall.
a crop ivory wide leg denim (yep....not white but so fresh) with sweet velvet kicks and a crop wool sweater with crazy fun sleeves.
the high waist, pin tuck center front leg seams and cinched waist make these one of the best fitting jeans....ever.
add a crew neck sweater because the clean body adds room for the crazy fringe sleeves. slick sunnies (available at souchi aspen or call 970-925-2580) and fun rachel comey hoops
it's these fun details that make it so much more than jeans and a sweater.
if you want to mix this up a bit:
heeled boots instead of sneakers
small earrings instead of statement
and a classic long sleeve tee and denim jacket work too.

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