summer nights sparkle...........

i was so happy that i got these pants for the holidays (and, they're on sale now!) however, who knew i'd still be wearing them in the summer! they are just beautiful and so much fun to wear. oh, and, did i mention how comfortable they are? the best!
for spring i added the souchi crop kehle (85% cotton) over a silk tank and a flannel newsboy cap. and, lots of silver and gold with spotted shades.
i added my ann demeulemeester split toe heels. these are great for spring. for summer i would switch out to these heels.
casual layers with sparkle pants
so in love with this look and all the ways i can wear the pants.
for summer, i'd switch out the sweater for the halter, heels and add a feather earring.
dead of winter i like it with a chunky cashmere cable knit sweater and boots.

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