stripes, slip dress, denim and some wedges........

i love the top from yesterday's post. the fact that i haven't stolen it from our stock yet speaks volumes....then again, there is always tomorrow.
today i decided to style the shirt backwards. it's such a beautiful blouse with a lot of fabric so it can be worn many ways. and, backwards is my favorite. i tied it to the back in a know over the matching slip dress. add, my navy straw fedora, sweet shades and the look is almost complete.
it's funny being 5'3 but feeling 6'3. i love layers and i forget sometimes that i'm short. so many times that people say in my store 'i'm too short for that'. i never think that way. i think about the look and that's what i love. whether it's the most flattering or not i could care less. so, today, a backwards blouse over a slip dress over high waist boot cut jeans....and, of course 5" wedges. 
the minimal slip dress is the base layer. i love this color and the bias cut. not sure about the expression on my face but....hey sometimes you just have to laugh.
add, a crop kehle (my summer go to sweater) over it and you've got a relaxed casual look that can go day or night....especially in the mountains.
casual, cool and cozy.
the back tie know is my favorite part. 

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