step up your post workout look....

sweats? leggings? lounge? workout clothes?
i live in an active town. a typical day would be: wake up and go for a run or hike with your dog, drop the kids off, do a pilates or bar class & meet your girls for lunch..... then grab the kids from and try to fit in a wind down yoga class before dinner. SO, it wouldn't be unheard of to be in your workout clothes all day. 
and, being someone who loves clothes, fashion and mixing up your makes me CRAZY! why be in exercise pants, racer bra & tank ALL DAY?
SO,i decided i had to style sweat bottoms and show a cool way to make it cool. streetwear is huge right now. with brands like vetements, puma & off white pushing oversize, sweats, sweatshirts & tees with luxe accessories.
here's what i chose and why.....
christina lehr lounge pant because the waffle weave texture is so soft and the crop leg is perfect with flip flops, sneakers or boots
giada forte cotton shirt because the sheer cotton is light weight & fantastic to layer under
 the souchi crop kehle cashmere & cotton blend sweater.
rawtus leather moto jacket to add something cool instead of a casual zip up jacket.
souchi cashmere bobble beret to keep you warm and disguise hair that may not be at it's best.
cindy kirk leather wallet is small enough that you don't need a bag. but, big enough to hold your phone (unless you have the jumbo), lipstick and the usual wallet stuff.
an hour and a showers zip up combat boot is so perfect for post workout. they are shearling lined and have faux lace up eyelets. when, all you have to do is zip them.
all items here 10% off on-line.
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