souchi sweats....yep & you want them

cashmere sweats - yes please!
we have so many options for sweaters to go with these souchi cashmere sweat pants. we prefer a cropped or at waist style to show off waist band and pockets on the pants.
the creed hoodie is a great choice. it's got a drop shoulder fitted 3/4 sleeve with classic souchi rib detail at sleeve & body hem. the fit is at the waist and the with a raglan fit through bust and shoulder. love.
the sweat pants can be worn on your waist or lower on the hips for a drop crotch fit. we love the snaps at ankle because it allows you to peg the pant leg or wear them straight leg. the L shape patch pockets are so cool.
cashmere creed hoodie
cashmere sweat pants

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