so many greens & blues.........

oh how i love this outfit. it's so pretty, fun & every single piece is cool on it's own or together. and, a few of them are on check it out.
one of my favorite styles from closed denim is the baylin jean. i have 4 pairs myself so when i saw these 'sacramento green' i had to order for the store. so dark you can wear dressy or casual. souchi's crop wrap cardi, bassike organic cotton tank top, gogo bag & knit beanie.
we love the crop wrap cardi with your high waist pieces as it hits at or just above the waist. i'm a big fan of the gogo bag not just because of the shape but the stitching detail on the gogo bag is so pretty.
snag a pair of these baylins & the beanie which are both on sale 

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