sneakers with a skirt....YES!

don't you love spring? 
colors brighten, fabric lighten up and easy breezy becomes the motto.
i'm new to the sneaker game. i love them. i love them on other girls. i buy them for the stores. but, i've been resistant to wearing them as i seem to think i look and feel heavier. 
so, this year i decided to get over that and give it a shot. i've now taken 3 pairs of sneakers and have to say, 'omg, they are so comfy'. now, truth be told, they are not as sexy as a pair of heeled boots...unless you have legs for days. i don't.
but, they are cool, modern and so comfortable. my lil piggies are quite happy.
so, i decided to style with a silk maxi skirt (same skirt here) and textured cotton sweater (alternate color here).
the silver grey sneaker with white sole and silver buckle add a cool, but, polished finish.
adding, the perfect leather pouch (more colors here) and a modern take on pearls. and, these two tone hoops.
the thing is this is pretty for brunch, lunch or running around paris. 
you can swap out the sweater for a tank & blazer 
switch the pearls for a more lighter necklace
the leather pouch for a cross body bag
and, switch hoops for these drop earrings
now, get outside and run can in sneakers

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