slip dress and robe....staying in or going out?

ok, if you read this blog or know me you KNOW i am obsessed with slip dresses. they are the easiest thing to wear. they can be dressed up or down and they can be worn at living baby. and, this dress is heaven.
i decided i had to really play up the 'lounge' look by adding a 'robe' in a light weight silk and cotton blend. i love the sheer layer and you'll see i wear this robe a ton with denim too.
the beautiful lavender pairs well with the cielo blue color and silver jewelry. the knot back slit gives a hint of skin without being revealing. i love this necklace (call aspen 970-925-2580). it can be worn like a lariat or wrapped double to be shorter. 
huge shades and a cashmere head scarf and perhaps a bit more eye cream... but that's another blog post....
cinch the robe closed and the different lengths and layers are so pretty. add, sexy heels and you're ready for a night out.
other ideas:
the slip dress also looks beautiful cinched with a belt and pretty sabina woven leather sandals. i think flip flops or sneakers would be cute too.
if the robe is a little to 'night in' then try the pb cashmere cardigan and the wit d'orsay flats. 

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