silk, linen and muted shades..........

grey, pistachio and mint....a beautiful combo.
these satin chill pants from giada forte are so fun. a relaxed fit that can go dressy or casual. today i paired them with the matching tank and a grey linen kimono jacket. the mint leather sandals are the perfect summer sandal. the low heel makes it a great walking shoe. 
ok, it was snowing so i had to take off my wool had for this photo shoot. so, i tied the bake off bakery scarf in my hair...well jamie did. she's better with scarves. my fave charm necklace is a constant go too.
relaxed, casual and a lil karate vibe happening that i just love. 
here's a close up of the kimono jacket. what a gorgeous shade of grey for summer. underneath is the clovelly swiss dot cami. the rachel comey track earring is a great pair of playful earrings to wear with this look. i also, love this jacket with jeans. try these or these. super cute with the white knot sneaker.

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