shimmer, shine, sparkle.......amazing

yes, this skirt is amazing. sometimes you need just a lil something to transform everything in your closet. and, the tread light skirt is a great choice. 
today i styled it with a black tank top and giada forte black shirt tied up at waist with sleeves rolled and piled on a ton of butik metal beads. beautiful.
the tread light is absolutely beautiful. it's got a relaxed fit and a pull on waist with lots of fringe at the hem. and, this copper color is just heaven.
add, shades, a simple black leather clutch and gorgeous tapestry and suede cuff sandals.
for vacation i love it with a simple white tee, a few beads and a pretty sandal.
for fall, i'd add a black cotton fitted turtleneck and black combat boots with a leather bomber jacket.

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