shawl collar cardi.........

souchi's shawl collar cardi is a favorite of mine. on me it's pretty long but i love that. it's got a slim fit with slight shirring at the shoulder. but, if you pull that up on shoulders it creates a shawl collar effect. i like how many different ways i can wear it. so, here you'll see two ways that can both be worn day or night. accessories really make a difference. and, a pair of faux leather leggings
here i've found some inspiration from old westerns. jumbo print wrap, iron dipped in gold stick pin and necklace (available here), fedora and a silk tunic cami (shorter version here on sale). 
a bronze metallic boot with western influences and black beads. love.
here, i'm keeping a bit of the western vibe with the same boots and a concha belt. but, i traded the faux leather leggings out for the cashmere marcella dress. and, the outer wear piece is a hand knit fur fringe cardi from last winter. i had to have it and love it so much.
and, when doesn't the bobble beret work? never.
so, consider this cardigan. i love it in the warmer months over a slip dress or tank and jeans. it's great for travel.

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