sharon dress.............

i blogged about this dress a few weeks ago. we shot it on our 5'9 model who is young, thin, tall.....SO, i wanted to show my love for this dress because:
i am not young, thin or tall. 
i made it for me in this cadet/cement combo and of course in black.
the ridiculously long sleeves on my 5'3 frame make me happy. the extra long sash that is two toned just wraps and wraps. 
the sash also makes for an awesome scarf on the days when you want to wear the sharon dress loose. i am not a fan of oversized (I KNOW I KNOW!) but somehow this dress just makes sense. it's knit using our signature cashmere and linen blend so it's not bulky and still skims the body.
and, a fringe poncho (this one in bombay) makes everything better....and warmer!
an oldie but goodie ring from jamie joseph that i tend to wear anytime i have blue on. i guess some matchy matchy never changes. all these bangles are an addiction to elliott yeary in aspen..... the collection is growing.

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