shades of yellow with neutrals.......

it's a rare day without a hat and i feel like something is missing!!! but, i will focus on the outfit and how cute it is. a silk short kimono jacket with white denim jeans (should be cropped but, i'm a shortie), leather mules & backpack and a silk cami. so easy but really fun and never boring.
this souchi backpack is absolutely beautiful. the color is so gorgeous with all it's natural scarring in the hide. it's perfect with all shades of yellow and looks great against bright white for summer. add, the planet heel that is the perfect mule. it's not quite a slide but with the tiny heel coverage in the back it covers the edge of your heel but walks like a slip on mule. love.
the kimono jacket has a detachable double sided sash with fringe edge that looks great tied or loose. i like the sleeves rolled up for a more casual day look. 
the taupe silk scoop cami is a great match back to the heels and the backpack. and, we think it all looks great against high waisted white straight leg jeans.
such a great look. here are a few more options on styling this look....
if you're not into heels then the alanis patent boot is a great option and the 864 small pouch bag is sweet when you don't want a backpack.
if you're not a fan of white jeans then how about these gorgeous ivory velvet slouch pants? now on sale! and a pair of sassy cat flip flops.
or, maybe you want a look for evening? then same heels, same cami but add the clean bishop wide leg high waist jean in khaki and the cross body go go bag.
we love this color story for spring.

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