shades of grey and green......

shades of grey with army green is just cool. add, in a stripe coat and basic grey is anything but.
souchi's new cashmere sweater the olivia funnel neck is going to be my winter staple. it's relaxed fit and the length being not too short and not too long makes it perfect for all your jeans. the grey bakers with repaired distressing are my favorite casual jean for the winter. i love the deex bootie in army suede with them because it is prettier than a basic winter boot.
the bale coat from closed i stole out of the box. i love it. and, it's now on sale. 
grey bakers & the fletcher in fatigues with cool accessories. if you're looking for a slim fit crop sweater this is it.
the deex boot and krewe shades are perfect with the edie clutch.
chilling in the winter while warm and cozy.

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