Road trip from South Carolina with Ruby Tuesday

Heading West with Ruby Tuesday
It's been a long time coming but i'm headed home to the west coast. I had a wild hair to try the Charleston, SC. As charming and beautiful as the town is it wasn't me. I met some lovely people (you know who you are) and have some fond memories. But, it was time to head back west.
I'm going to give you some trip details of my road trip west. I must say Ruby Tuesday is the best dog to road trip with.  Those of you who were lucky enough to know my sweet Jack know how much I loved him. But, a long trip dog he was not. This was really the only thing that proves he wasn't a mythical figure. 
One of my favorite memories will be leaving that morning and being 15 minutes out when my new friend, Tara, called and said she had to stop by with a small surprise. She said no biggie that I already left but I thought the gesture was so sweet that we turned around and headed back to my condo. Lovely Tara came to my place for a hug goodbye and to sage the condo for the future buyer. I adore her. Thank you.
Our first stop was the pretty Chattanooga. After a few hours of pouring rain it was quite refreshing to drive into sunshine, blue skies and turquoise water. Truly a beautiful city. I loved all the bridges and the original wood planks. And, how best to end your first day on the road? A skinny margarita, homemade tortilla chips and delicious guacamole.
One of the things I will miss most about the south are how beautiful the highways are. It was such a relaxing drive that I would drive cross country again. What do I wear on a cross country road trip? A leather baseball cap, souchi's Crop Sharon Sweater, Cindy Kirk bag, Amo Denim jeans and tank top and Dries Van Noten boots of course.
Goodbye Charleston.
Suzi & Ruby

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