prints are so fun........

it appears i can still be surprised....yes, i never realized how much i love prints until i stumbled upon hildur. absolute love at first site. the prints and colors are surprising but not as surprising as how easy to wear. and, i'm not sure it's possible to be in a bad mood with her prints on. the bohemian dress is my first love, but i'm feeling like i may need some of the other styles too.
i love that when wearing a crazy print all you need is one neutral to ground the look. the mary kate in a size too big) in storm & a cashmere fringed scarf will mellows the print and allows you to play with your accessories. here, the green krewe shades with the pistachio head scarf is both cool and pretty. the 864 brass basket weave earrings are a beautiful contrast to the grey and green. they just glisten in the light.
add a winter blue (or is it grey? or is it green?) back pack (sold - but available by special order) with green stitching pulls this all together. of course, i had to add to the crazy with these gorgeous blue boots.
all the layers, textures & color create a unique and interesting look.
don't be afraid to's so much fun.

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