print slip dress and sheer trench........

you all know i love a slip dress....or a tank dress....ok, well i would say in the last 10 years i've become a lover of dresses. they are so easy to wear. and, so easy to change with some simple styling. today i chose the kes elongated tank dress. we sold out of this dress but i do have it in the tank top which would be great with the new cqy high waist crop jeans.
the print on this dress is so beautiful. shades of blue, grey, blush and a bit of teal. absolutely gorgeous. i needed a layer so i added the giada forte sheer cardigan coat in cielo blue. it also comes in a beautiful sea green. and, that also meant heels so my tried and true santoni wedges that are on their last breath (NO!!!!!!!!!). krewe shades and a lavender fedora. the necklace is a tiny platinum spade with tiny diamond that i got when i was 9 years old. it is a wonder that i still have it. but, have loved it forever and love to wear it. memories of a grandfather i adored: motorcycle riding, tattoo beer drinker who was i think 8' tall to my 9 year old eyes....but maybe only 6'. adoration is bliss.
light silk layers and sheer cotton are what summer nights are made of.
ok, i COULD NOT RESIST.... what? where did my boobs go? seriously this angle makes me so happy. i finally know what i would have looked like without boobs. crazy!
if you don't want the cardi coat style then i'd also suggest this giada forte dress as a coat. check it out - perfection. flip flops and shades - summer essentials. 

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