pink shimmer..............

so, i fell in love with this skirt last summer. it's absolutely beautiful. i was wondering if my boyish style would hinder me from wearing it as much as i hoped i would. turns out even a tomboy needs to sparkle and shimmer like a mermaid.
what i also love about fashion is mixing things you've had with new pieces. i'm not trendy but i do love trying new things. but, there is safety in mixing pieces you love with something new. so, one of my many giada forte shirts (this one is maybe 6 years old) with the military rib tank that i got this season. possibly my fave summer straw fedora that has been patched so many times but i just can't find a replacement in this color that i love as much.
this page sargisson necklace is probably 12-15 years old. so simple but the rose gold tiny ball chain and cut out disc i just love in the summer. 
i couldn't go full mermaid with super girly heels so instead chose rugged suede sandals with cloth ties at ankle. 
turns out being a mermaid makes you not only shimmer, sparkle and shine BUT you do a lot of smirking too.

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