peachy peach perry.................

so you know i was obsessed with these pants last summer and it turns out they work with a lot of pieces this summer too. today i paired them with the new souchi sweater, perry. i love perry. it's a nubby cotton that looks great alone or layered. when i finished it i thought it was needing something. 
so i added a drawstring at the cropped hem and then hand stitched above the hem of the body and sleeve and then gathered the neckline with the same contrast stitching. i love this sweater.
it's beautiful layered over the loup charmant scoop tank. i've also worn it over my calyx slip dresses. love perry.
ok, and this pearl flip ring is one of the first things i bought from the elliott yeary gallery. it's a fave of mine and i get asked about it every time i wear it. and, it's now back in stock!

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