pastel stripes..............

pure happiness........and a new interpretation of a boss lady's style.
laid back, relaxed fit cotton stripe suit. i loved dressing it up with a stingray clutch and beautiful bangles (available from elliott yeary gallery in aspen). add, the jaclyn mayer necklace and you're set. these necklaces are so pretty and i don't know why they are on sale as i think they are incredible. and, a baby rib tank in pink.
add sassy heels & cuff the pants and you're day to evening in a flash. these mnz planet heels go with everything. the lil marbles and elastic straps are both cute and cozy.
and a pale lavender soft straw hat to top it off. this is a great suit to take on a weekend getaway. you can style it so many ways that you just need a carry on. see below for examples.
same heels, same pants but add a pink sweater and rose gold hoops.
same jacket & relaxed linen sheila pant but the venetia shoe instead. and, then add a scarf and glass ring and smock top to play up the lavender. 

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