pale lemon summer dress....................

pretty girl. pretty dress.
i love the peasant dress from loup charmant. it makes me crazy in the store when people think it's 'too big' or the sleeves 'too full'. yes, it's big and full BUT it's gorgeous, effortless and just stunning. not everything needs to be slimming. sometimes things just need to be pretty. and, this dress is exactly that.
it comes with a long sash that i think looks best wrapped higher on the waist. i also like to gather the fullness to center front and center back. gives the illusion of a cute booty and makes the tummy look smaller with the pleats. and, it takes a lot of the fullness out of the side seams. the curved raw hem shows off the ankles and allows for a great shoe. we like the polar sandal from naguisa. did i mention there are pockets? yep, it's a great dress!
if you don't like a matching sash i think the cindy kirk leather long belts work great. the fog with yellow stitching is a great choice.
the leather belt gives it a relaxed look and i think sneakers or flip flops would work great this way.

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