my favorite cardigan.........

i love a cardigan....longer, loose-ish and a tad tomboy and i'm in love.
when i designed the nicholson i actually was thinking about the golfer jack nicholas but clearly was thinking jack nicholson.
either way, it works..... the sweater nicholson wears in the shining is classic.
jack nicholas was always in a cardigan and i loved the oversize fit of the sweater.
i wanted to make more feminine so added the pretty hand stitched elbow patches. yes, they are off center! i think when a detail is that cute i want to see it and could care less if the person behind me can.
here we layered it with our julianna arm warmers and bottega scarf.
for more color and texture add a stack of rings and beautiful floral print boots.
closed baker jeans in super soft repair stitch are so cozy you'll think you're in sweats. we layered the souchi pamela tank to give a modern take on the 'twin set'
add the crackle patent leather indigo beret and you are set.
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