ode to karl..........

sweet, sweet karl....the man, the myth and the designer with an imagination that never quit. an absolute genius who had an endless well of creativity. his death for me was quite surprising. strange i know but he hadn't aged in the 30 years for me so i was surprised to find he was in his 80's. my heart is sad so the day i heard of his death i bought a lil chanel piece. i will miss his wit, style, photos and creativity. in honor of him i decided denim on denim with a vest, shirt, blazer and boots was an ode.
a giada forte shirt untucked and under the rachel comey vantage vest (sold out) with closed's starlet jeans and my fave ann demeulemeester booties. also my raquel allegra blazer.
i never thought i'd be a denim on denim fan but in black-ish i really love it. add, a fedora and you're ready...even if it starts to snow.
and then it snows even more.....
i just love this look.....next time i'll add a bolo tie and gloves to really chanel karl.

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