nothing gold can stay....maybe it can

i am in love with this skirt.
i am in love with the gym sweater
i am in love with these boots
so, i decided to put them all together and really live in all these tones of gold & happiness. the accessories, tie it all together. however, any one of these pieces alone will make an outfit.
the gym sweater, wakefield hat, giada skirt & sherpa jacket.
this beautiful skirt is that special piece that can be worn year round and casual or dressy. here, i added the bristol patent leather bootie & oversized denim jacket for a casual look. the ivory denim is sold out but we do have available in denim here.
mixing shades of gold, ivory, brown and bronze creates a gorgeous look.
the skirt
shades & necklace available in boutique only
now, where you going?

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