not just for bees.....

i love black, yellow and gold together. but, often, i hear 'i don't want to look like a bee'
i think it takes a bit more to look like a bee and a lot less effort to look amazing in black and yellow.
choose unique pieces and texture so you have more to look at than just the color. here, this rachel comey defy skirt is asymmetric with ruffles and stitching in acid yellow.
the gold booties, also rachel comey, are matte gold so it's more 2017 than 1988.
a simple enza rib tank top and leather cardigan keep it cool and classic.
....a fedora, bare legs and super cool matte gold fringe earrings
clearly not a bee.
try something new....a color combo, new silhouette, huge earrings....something.
because, it only takes one new piece to change an outfit.
items here are 10% off on-line.
use code: xo10

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