new years....denim and sequins

ok, at heart i will always be a tomboy. i love heels. i love pretty dresses. BUT i need something to be boyish so i don't feel or look girly. it's just not my vibe.
so, add a waffle weave hand knit beanie & simple sequin earrings (made out of gelatin from the 1930's) and a denim jacket
a bit of bonnie parker but 2017.
the zola sequin dress from corey lynn calter is a must for any closet. it's easy, fun and can be dressed up or down. and, the price is just silly.
vintage denim jacket with removable pink mongolian fur collar
love the fishnet anklets (available souchi aspen) with vintage chanel ankle strap heels that are covered in sewing notions. i picked these up on a recent trip to austin.
so have fun being a girly's fun.
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