new year's day will be spent cozy........

the end of the holiday season.......
means january 1 is spent in casual clothes and hopefully something a bit oversized and soft. why? because if your holidays are anything like mine....indulgence is the common, long running theme. so, january 1 starts the 'back to reality' road and i want to spend it cozy but cool.
a head scarf is better than a hat on the first as one may have had a lil too much champagne. but, the tricia keeps you looking stylish and way better than a top bun.
we're averaging mornings at about 3 degrees so scarf and layers are the way to go. i love the variegated cashmere wrap and the enza rib fitted long sleeve u. it fits close to the body and provides cozy warmth without the bulk. all the holiday cookies took care of the bulk.
the oversized pullover sweater with a bit of lurex running thru it and contrast colors at the hem of sleeves and body make it anything but boring. enza tees are a favorite because the sleeves are long and i love them poking out.
add these copper jeans for a little holiday extension. and, these velvet sneakers are just perfect. 
so go get cozy, comfy and chic. put your sweats away! that is not the way you want to start 2019!

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