Mountain escape, dog rescues & the time I got lost in Yellowstone

Next stop Aspen, Colorado. It was wonderful to be home to see my faves for a quick stopover. I missed my girls so much so a few days of wine, cocktails, delicious food, puppy fun (yes, Ruby got LOTS of action) and gorgeous views. It's always a surprise to me to realize just how much I miss my friends until I see them in person. We talk often but seeing some of your favorite people in person and then to jump right back in to where you left off. There is nothing like it. 
Ruby Tuesday fell in love with Katie. Clearly she is the true dog whisperer. If you are looking for a wonderful dog rescue that please check out the foundation she and my dear friend Margo are a part of. Lucky Day Animal Rescue is a very special rescue center. I especially enjoy and have kept (and should frame) my first thank you card for a donation that said 'you are responsible for chopping off 262 balls this year'. :) yes, it helps to be friends who work there. Your donation thank you will probably be a lil less graphic. But, for me it was perfection. A wonderful time checking out the new restaurants, mani/pedi's, dog play at the park and then meeting a wonderful artist. If you don't know Kris Cox is incredible. I was given a piece for christmas last year and love it. I've got my eye on a piece for when my store opens. Please check it out for something unique, creative and time consuming loveliness.
I left Aspen and decided I must see Jackson hole, Wyoming. So pretty and charming and a delicious restaurant Il Villagio Osteria. Again, lucky that a fave, Arianna, introduced me via text to her dear friend, Leah who decided to meet a stranger for dinner. Delicious and a ton of conversation turned into a morning walk and then a lazy brunch. I recommend stopping if you haven't been there.
The drive heading to Yellowstone was so cool. Long, a bit lonely, so high, clouds that looked like a painting and hardly a bar for cell service. The funniest part was the one hour delay due to the cowboys herding all the cows, calves (?) on the road. Thoughts of Rip galloping by kept me smiling and laughing. Sadly, he must have been with Beth as I never saw him.
I finally got to Yellowstone and it was magnificent. At first I was a bit like, where are all the animals. Yes, moronic, but I imagined bears, and deer and whatever else would be cruising across the road like in Aspen. So, i finally pulled over, left Ruby in the car and started walking down a path. And, five feet away i see this beauty and the hot springs and the lake and, and, and. Absolutely stunning. The plan was to spend a couple of hours in the park and then head to Bozeman for the night. 
What's that saying about plans? I had made my last walk down a path and got back in the car and headed out in the direction opposite that I had come. But, then I second guessed myself and turned around. And, then again I turned around thinking I was right the first time. Lately, I can do things like this where my brain just shuts off and I don't trust myself. I kept driving and driving and oddly a stretch of no signs. When not so suddenly the first sign I see in a while says 'Grand Tetons'. No! Yes, I went 90 minutes in the wrong direction. But, I got to see a whole other side of the park and the sunsetting in Yellowstone. And, on the way to Bozeman I saw a bear. It's the little things. Nine hours and forty five minutes to go.

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