a jumpsuit with mechanic inspo.......yes!

i am a lover of jumpsuits. i remember stealing my moms in the 80's when i was in high school. so, it's very hard for me to resist them when i'm at market and next to impossible once they arrive in the store. so when this one from odells arrived i instantly stole it. 
sorry...i just couldn't resist sweet jack being a part of this post. how cute is he? plus, his collar matches my hat. see always a fashion moment.
when wearing a jumpsuit that has a relaxed fit and not a ton of shape i tend to add feminine accessories....heels, pretty bag and jewelry in pops of color.
and, a bold lip is always a great addition.
vintage fedora that's pretty beat up but still haven't found a replacement in this color....the hunt continues. and, my classic but beautiful alex sepkus cross necklace.

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