luxe snow ball.......

you all know how much i love these giada velvet pants. i'm not sure why but i always wear them with ivory. i may need to mix that up. but, right now i'm enjoying bringing out all my ivory sweaters to wear with them. 
cozy velvet pull on pants, the betty sweater in confetti, an enza tank and a very old rag and bone hat that i just love.
new bangles from elliott yeary that work so well with all my others. love the mix of gold and silver. a fave spinelli ring that i love to wear this way instead of stacked. 
i love the betty sweater because it's relaxed shape. this one is about 5 years old and has been washed, worn and accidentally DRIED but still it's a favorite. this season i made it longer and more oversized. and, in four new colors.
this look is my version of sweats. yep, no need to wear your exercise clothes all day when you can wear clothes this comfy and cool.
this summer i plan to wear with a tank, cardi and these heels and just maybe these sneakers..... 

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