lime - the color you need....

sometimes a vibrant color seems like too much. however, i find a bright color something that makes everything else come alive. here, this beautiful cotton camisole, bleached out jeans, pop jewelry and insane shoes. the perfect spring look.
soft, delicate and oh so pretty. i love layering these rings (call aspen 970-925-2580) for another pop of color. the lucite cuff ties in the pvc on the key lime wedges while being bold on the wrist.
minimal, modern, cool.
loving the high waist girlfriend jeans with bleached out legs and frayed hem. 
the broken hem screams for a pretty, sexy shoe....and this key lime wedge with clear straps is what you need.
i also love these shoes with:
kaitlin dress
giada shorts
celine skirt
carino dress

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