Let me introduce you to Moss

Moss. A color I absolutely love. If you know me, you know I love most shades of green. But, this deep, dark, murky moss color is gorgeous. It's basically black but in a color. It works with everything.
So, why not make my all time classic Batwing sweater and the Henley Midi Dress in it and style together? The Batwing was originally made in 1999. Yes, that is true. And, I still love it. It can be worn long and off or on shoulders (left) or upside down and cropped more like a cape (right). This is why the sweater continues to be a favorite. The Henley Midi Dress hits at or below the knee and has side seam gussets to give a flare at hem. Why? It's cute and the flare allows for easier walking. Ruthie is 5"8 and wearing the medium. The jumbo bag is from Massimo Palombo
Love this color so much.

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