legs and gold brocade...

i used to be fearful of gold....
flashbacks of tacky 80's gold filled my mind with horror. 
but, times have change and so has fashion. i am now obsessed with all shades of gold. 
so when i saw these shorts from rachel comey i had to get them for the store. if i hadn't sold my size the first day i would have also taken a pair. love the high waist and the cool ruffle over one leg. absolutely love the texture, print and color. these are timeless.
i would also wear these shorts with a yummy cotton shirt like this one in a gorgeous apricot. it's thin enough to tuck in or tie up at the waist. or a cotton baby doll cami like this. then throw on cool cuff like this one (on sale!).
a simple pony tail and sweet shades (the conti in butterscotch - call the aspen store). the crop, loose, cotton popcorn sweater is great with or without a layering piece.
with bold, fun pieces like these ..... (did you notice the gold mules!) keep hair and make up minimal. 
have fun

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