leather suiting.......

i LOVE the way work clothes have changed.
i LOVE how there are so many new 'jobs' that weren't in existence 10 years ago.
i LOVE how creative the world has become
i LOVE that it has changed the dress code and the meaning of work attire
so, here i've layered all shades of rose, blush, nude & vino. then mixed textures to add in layers and details.
menswear but for women - LOVE
a blush leather cardigan jacket
a rose button up shirt in sheer oversized cotton
silk print scarf with golden fringe edges (in aspen store - call 970-925-2580)
and, leather skinnies in muted berries (in aspen store - call 970-925-2580)
silver earrings with mulberry fringe
long leg skinnies to gather inside the top of your pebble leather booties 
the print scarf and earrings add a serious touch to the layers of pink
seeing all the layers and textures together are to inspire you on maximizing color tones instead of thinking they must match perfectly. it's way more interesting to vary the colors
for work, maybe add an enza tunic layer tank
if you're in the creative field...rock this as shown.
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