not so classic grey.....

grey is classic.
however, it's what you do with it that makes it more than a classic.
worn with vintage dolce & gabbana grey flannel strappy heels hand sewn with austrian crystals all over the heel and straps. i LOVE that the instep is red velvet. these shoes are from.....1999 or 2000. i have loved and worn them a ton of places.
here our paige vest wrapped and tied up and layered over the new claire ruffle sleeve sweater. the sleeves are ridiculously long.... but, there are ties above the ruffle so you can tie up high or low.
i love wrap and tying the vest so it's completely covering me. here i have crossed the top two corners and knotted in the back. scarf no longer necessary.
then, take the bottom two corners and tie like you used to tie up your oversize shirts.
or untie the bottom and leave long, loose and tied just at the neck.
here worn with mid waist split knee skinnies.
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